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To cultivate a better relationship between humans and the environment, Fujitsu General Group is creating values for the new generation by fusing advanced. a central ducted system for air conditioning. Fujitsu's full mini-split line up are heat pumps, which provide both heating and cooling. Fujitsu Air Conditioning ARXG compact concealed ducted air conditioning heat pump inverter systems offers quiet and efficient operation in heating and.

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Slim ducts provide cooling or heating for small room applications such as offices, restaurants, convenience stores, motels, dorms, in retrofit and new. Ductless air conditioning systems don't use ductwork or ducted air distribution like a central system. They are comprised of two basic components: an indoor. Ductless air conditioners and heat pumps offer higher efficiency - up to 26 SEER, ceiling cassette, concealed duct, and floor standing), Fujitsu Mini.

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Our Fujitsu ducted heat pumps are the ultimate in total comfort. They are able to create a perfect even temperature throughout your home at the touch of a. Fujitsu Slim Duct Air Handlers provide heating and cooling for small rooms, having better than 20 SEER because of their mini-split heat pump technology. Fujitsu heat pumps offer an excellent alternative to central heat pump systems. They are ideal for new construction or for retrofitting older construction where.