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The application of this technique for the measurement of surface vibration, the testing of optical components including large astronomical optics, the phasing. In Process Optical Testing Capabilities. Man works with sensing equipment; sensing image on monitor. Temperature controlled environments; Primarily Corning. We have the solutions to test the optical properties of your plastic material, such as gloss, color, haze and more.

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The tests explained below are the most commonly used and the most appropriate testing procedures for the optical coating and optical assembly industry. Abrasion. The ARGUS optical testing system measures biaxial properties of a given material. In this measuring system, circular dots are applied to the original flat. MET Labs' single-source testing labs evaluate products for laser safety and optic performance through fiber optic, lighting, telecom, NEBS, and other test.

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CI provides a variety of test stations for Electro-Optical systems composed of multiple sensors. Click for more details. Part of the collimated beam continues on to interrogate the optic being tested. The return beam contains information on aberration introduced by the test optic. The Optical Systems Test Facility offers researchers four specialized labs for testing diverse electro-optic systems.