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The Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT); LNAT preparation classes on the UPCH Humanities (UPCH) course have two possible routes to get a Law degree. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only private providers of admissions test preparation courses in the UK across several weeks. · Our course preparation. This course provides step-by-step guidance on Mastering the LNAT delivered over a series of eight lectures. Each lecture begins in a classroom environment.

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The online course will introduce students to the different question types involved in all components of the LNAT and recommend strategies for tackling them. Arbitio LNAT Online Course. 62 likes. LNAT Online Course by Arbitio uniquely simulates the LNAT exam environment, with delivery of the most extensive. The Law National Admission Test (LNAT) is a test used by law departments in a range of UK universities to determine if a candidate is able to succeed in a.

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Used for: Entry to Law. Used by: University of Birmingham (B32) course codes M, M1N1, MR11, MR University of Bristol (B78) course codes M, MR LNAT Course with the tactical work of Test Prep Istanbul, we help you to get enough speed. We work with specialized instructors for LNAT Prep Courses. COURSE DESIGNER / TUTOR. Ms. Lamprini Zacharaki is an LLB and an LLM holder. She has been tutoring the LNAT for the last 6 years.