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The High School Alternative Program (HSAP) provides an alternative educational pathway for students utilizing a self-paced, computer-based approach to. There are three program options tailored to meet the various needs for a student seeking online learning. The programs staff high quality educators focused on. Alternative education provides educational and pastoral support for students who have disengaged from mainstream schooling. As a short term intervention.

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Alternative programs range from APPS, CARE, Driver Ed, Migrant Education, Project Explore, Summer School, Elementary Behavioral program and more. The Millard School District's Alternative Education Programs will include, but not be limited to, full school day, multi-year, educational programs. Alternative education is designed for students who are at-risk of educational failure. State-Approved Alternative Programs are classified as Area Learning.

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Alternative Education Program · Our Alternative Education Programs reconnect severely at-risk young people of compulsory school age who are disengaged from, and. Alternative programs, whether in the school building or in another location, offer students an education that meets the same academic rigor, standards, and. Alternative Education is a separate, non-traditional program within a K public school district or a public school academy established to provide personalized.