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Considered by many to be a modern classic, Ancient Israel offers a fascinating, full-scale reconstruction of the social and religious life of Israel in Old. Cultures & Contexts: Ancient Israel. The history and culture of the ancient Israelite societies of biblical times and the Greco-Roman period seen from the. SOCIAL STRUCTURE OF ANCIENT ISRAELThe SourceMethodsHebrew Society Prior to the Rise of Israel in CanaanThe Pre-Monarchic PeriodTribal and Sub-Tribal.

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UW Religion Today: The Ancient Israelites Through Archaeology, History and Text. October 18, religious studies logo. By Paul V.M. Flesher. The Bible allows us to trace the history of prophecy in ancient Israel. Not counting Moses, the earliest prophets described in the Bible were seers, charismatic. Ancient Jewish History: Table of Contents|The Temples|The Twelve Tribes Reigned in Israel & Judah for 33 years in Jerusalem and 7 years in Hebron.

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Ancient Israel??? A perceptive and engaging account of the religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Israelites. Nili Fox analyzes the titles and roles of civil officials and functionaries in Israel and Judah and argues that foreign influence on Israelite state. The Ancient Israel and Its Literature (AIL) series publishes monographs, revised dissertations, and collections of essays on the history, culture.