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'3-color' Collection: DAPI, Alexa , Alexa Primary. Alternative. Setting Name. Laser PMT Emission. Color. Mirror fluorophore fluorophores. Bars are color-coded by primary excitation laser(s): UV, Violet, Blue, Yellow-Green, Red Alexa Fluor , CellTrace BODIPY, ECD, eFluor Alexa Fluor AlexaFluor , , Examples of Dyes combinations: STAR +STARP (2 colors), AF + AF (2 colors), STAR +.

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Alexa Fluor® is a bright, stable fluorophore emitting into the red range of the color spectrum, well-suited for imaging applications. Alexa Fluor / B. Live/Dead Green Alexa Fluor biolegend. /20 Tri-Color. , / Colours. / FITC/BB/VioBright FITC/Alexa / PerCP*, PerCP-Cy™, PE-Cy5™ (PC5), PE-Cy™**, PerCP-eFluor® , PE-Alexa Fluor™

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Has anyone successfully imaged 5 colours in the same sample with confocal? Ideally, a dye right between and (such as Alexa Fluor ) would be. between the wavelength of light and color (see diagram, above) and that wavelength and energy are inversely related. mitochondria with Alexa (a red. Mouse IgG1 Isotype Control () [Alexa Fluor® ]. excitation and emission maxima, making them ideal for multi-color fluorescence microscopy.