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How do I set up call divert on my mobile? · Press the * key again · Enter the phone number you're diverting calls to, replacing the 0 with +44 · Press the # key. By forwarding calls to your personal cellular or landine number, you can ensure that calls go wherever you want them to go. Speech Bubble. Click to Mobile. With. Dial star-seven-two (*72) from your landline phone · Listen for three beeps followed by dial tone · Dial the 10 digit phone number to which your calls are to be.

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Lift the receiver and wait for dial tone · Dial *78 · Then the phone number (including the area code for fixed line numbers) you want to divert your calls to, or. Call Forwarding · By dialling *21*05xxxxxxxx# (forward all calls) · By dialling *67*05xxxxxxxx# (forward when busy) · By dialling *61*05xxxxxxxx# (forward when no. Open the dial pad. Open the dial pad on your mobile phone, as if you are making a phone call. · Enter the code sequence. For example, to turn on call forwarding.

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Call forwarding · Go to the Devices page. · Select your phone. · Scroll down to the How Tos section and select Calling & Contacts. · Select Block and manage calls. How do you set up call forwarding? · Dial *70 into your phone's dial pad · Enter the number you wish to forward the calls to · Then press the Call button on your. Call forwarding · On your phone's dial pad, enter *72; Enter the phone number (including area code) where you want your calls to be forwarded to · On your phone's.