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Current national mortgage and refinance rates, June 20, – Rates rise Mortgage interest rates persist close to record lows: the average rate for a year. Closed Mortgage Fixed Interest Rates in Canada ; 2 years, %, % ; 3 years, %, % ; 5 years, %, %. Mortgage rates ; CIBC High-Ratio Mortgage · 5-year fixed closed. % · 5-year variable flex. %. % ; CIBC Fixed Rate Open Mortgages · 6 months. %. 1.

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Find mortgage rates that work perfectly for you. Choose from 3- to year closed term fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages at Careers. Take a central role at the Bank of Canada with our current opportunities and scholarships. Our renewed monetary policy framework. In , we renewed. The data shown is to provide information on the weekly posted interest rates offered by the six major chartered banks in Canada. The posted rates cover prime.

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Mortgage rates ; % · %. 5 year Variable Closed · %. (HSBC Prime Rate %). Fixed Rate Closed Mortgages · 1 Year Fixed Closed. Posted rate: % APR: % · 2 Year Fixed Closed. Posted rate: % APR: % · 3 Year Fixed Closed. Choose from fixed or variable rates from the top Canadian mortgage lenders. Meanwhile, variable mortgage rates are determined by changes in the Bank of.