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Clinical trials are research studies designed to find better ways to prevent, diagnose or treat diseases. Choosing to take part in a clinical trial is. Clinical trials are research studies that test how well new medical approaches and treatments work in patients. It's a critical step in translating research. Patients who volunteer to take part in a clinical trial will get the best treatment for their cancer. They may also get a new type of medicine that is only.

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Become Involved. Participating in clinical research is an important decision and one that you should consider carefully before deciding to take part. If you are. Informed consent is the process of learning about a clinical trial before you decide to take part. The research team running the trial will explain the trial's. You can make a difference by participating in research. Health research ranges from simple questionnaires and screenings to clinical trials of.

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Participating in a clinical trial can be a way of helping yourself and others. Patients who participate in a clinical trial often feel they are taking a more. Why participate in a clinical trial? Finding new and improved medicines is possible only through the help of people like you. Every clinical trial participant. We have more than active clinical trials and research projects open at any given time. Your eligibility to participate will be evaluated by your physician.