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This striking collar necklace has interlocking latticework which creates a sleek statement on the neck. This vintage piece is crafted of sterling silver. Discover beautiful jewelry pieces of BISJOUX Jewelry Collars and gold chokers from my store. Pick out Silver Tone, Gold tone and more fashion collar. Metal Collar Plate Box Chain Layered Necklace 5DBH1 * 18" approx. * WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and cadmium which are.

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The choker necklace is made of high quality stainless steel. Solid Stainless Steel Slave Collar Lockable Torque Choker Necklace Fetish Wear Jewelry. Metal collar necklace and Spirit of Jumping pendant. FOR PLAYER, FOR POLO, Gifts, Horse Jewelry. Charm size: x 3cm. Material: metal or silver. Get the best deals on open front choker necklace and save up to 70% off at New Art Deco Mixed Metal Collar Choker Necklace ~ Open Front Collar Statement.

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Wide Metal Choker Necklace. Wide curved gold-plated collar necklace with 2 lines of fine chain. " long, 5/8" wide. Buy Indian Fashionable Jewelry For Womens At IndianBeautifulArt, Get Vintage Set Choker Necklace Silver Plated Metal Collar, Free 30 Days Return. Five corals adorn this elegant collar necklace. Classic and elegant, it is an easy to wear, impressive piece. Price: euros. Free shipment.