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Our Tower Savers account is a savings account specially designed for kids with no minimum deposit to open or monthly service charges through age An adult member of Dupaco (usually a parent or grandparent) can open savings accounts for children age 12 and under. · $25 minimum opening deposit · Special. The Kids Savings Account is fee free and comes with a tiered interest plan and withdrawal restrictions. You are guided to reach your child's savings goals.

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By placing a standing saving order on behalf of your child from your current account or ING Bonus Card, you can build up your child's savings at attractive. You can also help build a nest egg for your child's future by opening a custodial savings account. These accounts are governed by law—the Uniform Gift to Minors. When your child reaches the age of 13, they will be eligible to apply for the Teen Checking account. Their Alliant Kids Savings Account will remain as a savings.

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There are good reasons to consider a kids and teen savings account. Your child can gain real-world money management experiences as the primary account. It's never too early to start saving. This children's saving account with no monthly maintenance fees helps kids learn ways to save money and build strong. The Kids Savings account is all about helping under 18s learn to manage their money. Enjoy no monthly account keeping, transaction, or coin handling fees, plus.