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Positive behaviour support planning tells us the best way to work with an individual who shows behaviours of concern and gives us ways to improve the quality of. Targeted supports can be offered in small groups and for a finite period of time. The support strategy should look at the root causes of a students' problem. Positive Behaviour Support · the adoption of values that encourage social inclusion and enhanced quality of life, and that discourage restrictive practices · the.

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Positive Behaviour Support transforms your quality of life by building new support strategies, skills and behaviours to meet your needs and goals. The aim of our work is to develop positive and proactive strategies based on functional assessment and analysis. We consider changes to environments, teaching. The focus of this course is on applied behaviour analysis, and how it is accomplished through the use of functional behavioural assessment and skills.

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These strategies might include making changes to the person's environment (e.g. home, school, work) so that it meets their needs, changing the way others. Use surveys, focus groups and observation to ascertain: o What would teachers, students and parents rate as the most problematic student behaviours? Behavioural Support Strategies (BSS) is a Voluntary Organisation and was created as an independent Scottish entity offering training and support to develop.